Project 007 ︎︎︎
2019 — 2020


    When we go on a trip, we're connected to our smart-phone 24 hours a day, to give news to loved ones, find our bearings on GoogleMap, take photos, read e-mails from work... In short, travel no longer disconnects us and doesn't reconnect us with the surrounding environment. We've become dependent on our nomadic technological devices, which we take everywhere with us. The nature of solitude and distance calls them into question, as does "time". These devices are changing our relationship to space-time.

    Inspired by the current facts that we all encounter today, in the face of the coronavirus, notably confinement, where we can no longer move around freely. For everyone's health, it's our duty to stay at home. There's a very close link between stay-cation (cf. the thesis) and the compulsory confinement we're undergoing.

@ESDM, Marseille — FR