Project 005 ︎︎︎
Workshop : Matali Crasset
2019 — 2020


We see work as something we need to do, and something we should be doing better, and the solution is to take a nap. This would increase our productivity, performance and creativity. However, the answer does not lie in increasing our productivity by offering us time and space to rest in the workplace. The solution lies beyond that, in getting out of our professional environments, working less, or with more interest, being able to use our time for other purposes.

    To be able to talk about rested, high-performance work and a slowed-down, calmed-down lifestyle, we need to consider the facts: the French are convinced that if they had four more hours (of free time) a day, they would be able to complete everything they set out to do.

@ESDM, Marseille — FR