Project 006 ︎︎︎
Virtual reality + Editorial design
2019 — 2020


    How do you give people the chance to travel without leaving their sofa? Being confined myself, I need to find media tools within reach, so that I can appropriate them and create a journey outside 4 walls. Why not travel 1,000 km instead of 1 meter, as the French government recommends? Thanks to geolocation antennas and digital maps, it's easy for me to travel virtually.    

    My role as a graphic designer is to stimulate debate and reflection around this societal issue that we are all living through. Through fictional design, I seek to immerse the public in a multiverse, where worlds become extraordinary and take us out of our comfort zone. I aim to create a sense of wonder, to make us forget our everyday lives and to offer an extraordinary journey, all the while drawing inspiration from real cartographic collections. With the technologies we have at our disposal, notably retouching and virtual reality software, this would allow me to distort reality, in order to create a new one.

@ESDM, Marseille — FR